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I Got Drex - Soup and Sensibility
I Got Drex
Soup and Sensibility
I'm Drex, your friendly little Leptolapsus Domesticus: pet leptolpsus.
A leptolapsus is an active, social lizard native to the little country of Slineria. We grow to be about 36 inches long from nose to tail and can live to be over one-hundred and twenty years old! I'm a mature three-year-old adult, myself.
Being a lepto is always swell, even if it is kind of crazy.
Once I got my tongue stuck in the gumball machine after gobbling down some of master's homemade gumballs which she sells for 25 cents a pop. My master was so upset her face turned red as a beet. She's supposed to watch her blood pressure, let alone her language. The gumball thing was an honest accident of course. I didn't know my tongue would get stuck.
Life is never fair. But once you learn that, its funner to live. Speaking of fair, the county fair's tomorrow! I wonder if I could fit my tongue into the cotton-candy machine…
Sense, Sensibility, and Soup
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Drex the leptolapsu
:iconferroth:Ferroth 5 19
Strong Feet :iconferroth:Ferroth 15 29


Sketchbook.013 - Red Panda :iconbluepisces97:Bluepisces97 21 2 Lightning Jack :icondjcroc2016:DJcroc2016 19 13 Close Call :icongralegio:Gralegio 2 4 Little Quilava~ :iconppoint555:Ppoint555 104 35 Captain Za'aharr in combat :iconspringheel:springheel 5 12 Sharkella bajo ataque! :iconspringheel:springheel 3 8 Mum's the Word :iconzookiedragon:ZookieDragon 40 34 The Hybrid legacy lives on :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 16 13
(AT) Kameilo: Another Day in the jungle
The humid jungle mists hung heavy upon the thick foliage of the jungle floor, it was late into the evening as the sun dipped down below Neako’s horizon, the blue sheen of the gas giant it orbited could be seen dominating the sky.
In the alien twilight a small figure darted from tree branch to tree branch, occasionally stirring small reptilian fliers from their roosts. The small figure kept up its leaping pace from branch to branch, until it paused. The dusk light shone upon the figure as it crouched on a branch. It was a she, a female Jethi at that.
Her skin was a light brown with darker patches around the muzzle and eyes, short white hair covered her head where two batlike ears protruded from. White tattoos in spiral patterns covered her shoulder, stomach, and thighs. They were a part of her homeworlds culture, but were augmented by the mystically inclined Oca prophets of Neako.
She scanned the jungle floor with her light green eyes, a smile coming to her muzzle as she twitched
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Lepto eye :icontailypoartist:TailypoArtist 5 23
“Hmmm…” mused Captain Langsdorff, leaning against the periscope “… I wish so much…”
Lt. Commander Lee Mink, his First Officer and one of his best friends, flipped a switch on his board to check position relative to the other units combing the stretch of sea where the assassin pirate submarine was hiding: “What’s up, Captain?”
“Just thinking a bit too loud, Lee;” Langsdorff felt old, tired. What has transpired in the last hours had drained him to the core “here we are, pledged to save and, instead, wishing to destroy…”
“The same thought, the same wishes in each and every mink aboard the Swordfish, I assure you!” growled the First Officer “Those… those… butchers don’t deserve mercy!”
The picture of all those little bundles side by side on the wharf still lingered between their eyes, an invitation to the nigh
:iconspringheel:springheel 2 12
Borneo :iconkenket:kenket 983 38 Achaz Shaman :iconpechschwinge:Pechschwinge 443 6 bomber :icontantant:tantant 1 1 Guess who :icontantant:tantant 1 1 bubble gum :icontantant:tantant 1 1



Ferroth's Profile Picture
Loren John Presley
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Ferroth here. :)

For a time, I was an illustrator and media artist for micro-enterprise corporation. Now, I devote my full career to my own artistic projects and freelancing for others. :)

I will occasionally give gifts and do some requests for friends only. But I'm always happy to meet new people and network with other creators.

Would you like to commission my skills? I am humbly delighted. Send me a private message and we can discuss what you'd like to have done.

My fees are always negotiable. :) But here's a breakdown of my base costs.

Line art illustration - $25 (Clean line work only)

Simple-colored illustration - $50 (Cell-shaded color)

Fully Rendered Illustration $75 (Fully-shaded, textured,
with the scene and subject properly lit)

I will work on no more than five projects at a time--lest I lose my sanity. :D

Pleasure to meet you!
So...this is embarrassing for me, a lot. But I've been overexerting myself. Again. >.< At 2:45 today I collapsed and couldn't move, think, or speak for about two hours. It's not the first time its happened to me--but it is something I'm kind of bad at.

That said, I may be less active for a while because I need to take care of my health. Just letting everyone know so if you don't see me around as often as what's usual for me, you know I'm just resting up and will be back soon.

Take care everybody. And as I always say, you all rock, you're awesome, and let nothing or no one cause you to believe otherwise. You guys are the best! All of you. :)


Tryx 3D Print Concept
I'm finally preparing a 3D print for Tryx after fine-tuning the two I've done for Drex so far. :) This one, she'll just be lounging all pretty and...Tryx-ie and...stuff. You know.

It will weight about 15 grams in PLA and be about 3 1/2" I think.
IC-U2 - Rebel Spy Extraordinare
Another more cartoony picture of IC-U2, a repurposed G2 Repair droid with aspirations for glory as a spy for the Rebel Alliance. (G2 droids are probably best known for being in the line for Disneyland's Star Tours ride.) ^^

However, as perceptive as he usually is, it appears he did not see a puddle of deep mud in his path as he fell completely submerged it while helping some rebel scouts patrol a new alien planet for their new base. Of course, being a droid who doesn't need to breathe, it's a bit more trivial matter of getting him out for his rebel comrades. Poor guys going to need a long oil bath. He's not afraid to get dirty, though. :D
Human Company
Just good little Drex enjoying the company of a new friend. I've always pictured leptos to really like humans. Maybe they just have a way of seeing the good in us.

Perhaps Drex is an inspiration to me because he helps see and nurture the good in humans. Yeah there's the bad too, but the good prevails. ^^
Little Surfer
Kameilo crawling tiredly out of the ocean waves after a long but very fun day surfing. A day of just her and the water. From afternoon till sunset.


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I'm doing good. :) Been a majorly crazy morning, but nothing I cant manage.
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